When It Touches YOUR HEART !


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” Houston we are @  $4,310.00  w/ the goal of    $ 15,000.00  ! ! ! !

$ 10,690.00  more needed to build Pastor Benson & Dorcas HOUSE ! ! !

In the last week :   3 donations have just touched my heart deeply……
                                     They have been from people that 
                                     YOU KNOW THEY SUPPORT YOU….
                                     THEY truly care about AFRICA…the PEOPLE…
                                     the WORK OF JESUS CHRIST……

Every person in the last 3 years…have touched my heart…
     and it just continues to floor me….with each continuing person/
     supporter, seriously !

this week:   ” a donation on their Birthday !  instead of receiving ~  
                          they gave to JESUS CHRIST…… ”
                        in the depth of a deep friendship…..
                       ” they write you a check….”
                        a CHEERLEADER ! ! ! ~  I can not tell you, ……………..

Pastor Benson just wrote me :  
” We have started womens meetings every Tuesday and the
 Lord is moving in those meetings. In fact women from other
churches are coming.”  ” This past Sunday we started men
meetings every Sunday afternoon after the main service. 
 I also started an Agape Football Club  ( soccer team )   
 The youth have poured in the church in very great number
who have a heart to serve God.” 

 The Teams Name :  ” Agape Football Club John 3:16″

You know it is God’s alone………….
When on a day you wonder….HE affirms……

To those of you in this ……God is moving mightily
and how humbling it is to be
a part of HIS MINISTRY in Matisi, Kenya.  

Please continue to pray for the individuals in Matisi
    the lost that need JESUS CHRIST
    the saved that are reaching the lost for JESUS CHRIST!

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