When others come against you ……


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My read this a.m. ~ Acts 6

Stephen was sent by God….
to minister to the people….
that were “complaining” about how much
they were the widows were being “given” =


So the disciples didn’t want to take away
From doing the “complete spiritual stuff of the LORD”
so they chose men to “go take care of it “

The requirement of those men….” that they would be
“full of faith + full of The Spirit”

** they new what it would take to handle the “flesh
of these greedy individuals”

So Stephen was one that was chosen….
to deal with them…
vs. 8 “….. “Now Stephen, a man full of God’s grace
( giving people what they don’t deserve)
did great wonders and miraculous signs among the people”

“Opposition arose”….against Stephen…

** do you ever find yourself in his shoes ?

vs. 9+10
“ these men began to argue with Stephen. 10. but
they could not stand up against ….HIS WISDOM or
THE SPIRIT of whom he spoke.”

Concept –
a. God places us in the midst of “them”
b. He empowers us to do this..if we stay in
c. The flesh of people, will NEVER LIKE…
even those that go out of their way to
do good for them….the will oppose, go
against,scheme….the truth of God.
d. “if we STAY IN HIM…..
THEY WILL NOT….be able to

“ but they could not stand up against …HIS…
wisdom and THE SPIRIT.”

This is HIS WORD.

Our only goal in every situation….
to STAY IN HIS SPIRIT….. and let

Love the Word of God,
HE SPEAKS into us, to live it through us today.
In The Name of JESUS CHRIST.

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