~~ ” When we listen ”


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This is a verse I have clinged on to….
With Africa :

I call it ” my donkey prayer ”

Mark 11: 2
” saying to them, ” Go to the village ahead of you,
and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there,
asks you, ” why are you doing that ? ”  tell him,
” THE LORD NEEDS IT  and will send it back shortly.”

1.  We have to be listening intently to the Lords words,
the Lords intention, the Lords instruction to us alone.
a.  How are we hearing Him right now ?
b.  Is the air clean, slow enough for us to hear ?
2. There were no self motives in going to get the donkey…
it only served the LORDS purpose,  they just carried it out.
3. He ordered their steps alone,  nothing of them.
4.  What He told them to do, they were anointed…..
to do something that our flesh could not do without HIM.
5.  It was extraordinary –  not the norm – made no sense…
Why not go and get a donkey that “had been ridden at
another place ?
6.  It will be exactly, exactly as JESUS says….because HE said it.
Take Him completely at HIS WORD.  I Love the saying, ” I am
not the one that said,  ” Jesus can heal ”   HE DID.
7. BANK ON IT….. go do it in all authority, HE told you to do it…
We are off the hook,  we don’t make it happen, we are not
responsible for the power of it…we just walk in His command.
8.  He is asking of us individually to do things he has not asked others.
9.  Provision is at the point of obedience….not 1 ” less….
” go to the exact SPOT…..the donkey will be THERE ”
If we don’t go to the exact SPOT, there will be NO DONKEY.
10. People are going to question your reasoning…..get ready for that.
11.  USE IT AS A TOOL,  to take them to JESUS….. ” TELL THEM”
Tell them, the LORD NEEDS IT…..bringing them to see :
a.  the power of JESUS to calm a donkey….
b. use a donkey
c. and bring it to COMPLETION ” HE will send it back….
He will use it to MAKE HIS NEED COMPLETE.

Back to the top :
a.  what is he asking of us , today, this month, this year.
b. have we even taken the deep time to listen ?
c.  are we going to the SPOT  EXACT ?
d. are we anticipating , because we know it is HIM…
the completion and joy it is to be INVOLVED in
something no one else is being asked to do ?
e.  Humility ~  ” tell them LORD needs it ”
not JESUS, but He said LORD…is HE LORD over all
that we are doing ?  LORD, LORD,  LORD…..

YOUR DONKEY PRAYER…..tell me where, empower it to happen
and take it unto complete spiritual completion , so that they
will see, SEE who YOU ARE……in the name of JESUS.

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