Where are you at ?


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I use to organize ” Children’s Cantatas “…….It was great….
Those kids are now  33 – 38 or so, smile….
We sang a song ” Bloom Where You’re Planted “…….

Then Tug asked a questions ” where would you like to live”….
Off the heals of coming back from Africa…….
I drove yesterday to ” Warsaw, Indiana “…to officiate a wedding !
Something never in my wildest desires to “do in life”….

But after meeting this neat couple this summer….through Rone…
A girl I took to school every day of her school life….
After spending an evening with the individuals in the wedding….
After knowing that GOD HIMSELF…..designed this connection….

After hearing last weekend…
” I don’t tell God what to do……I let God tell me what to do.”
and then in my mind I added…” and OBEY HIM “…..

I sit in North Webster…in a 6 room motel…by a LAKE…..
That would take some nerve to jump into right now….
Driving the backroads of Indiana, by myself and loving it…
( something my Mom and I use to do ALOT )…..

I am exactly where God wants me to be.
And all the roads of my life have led me here.

I am somewhere , where really no one cares that I am at
( not seeking sympathy )  but stating facts.
I am somewhere , where who I am ministering to …
really aren’t “seeking ministering “…….but they are going to get it !  smile.

I am not in Africa….where you would think is my LIFE LONG DESIRE….
but it is not.
It is the person in front of me.
It is the person God has chosen for me to take His Presence….
to take His Truth
or maybe it is to sit in this room….
waiting and anticipating and begging HIM to go with me….
so they will see and hear HIM ALONE…..

in saying that, if it is our true desire for HIM ALONE TO BE SEEN
if it is our true desire for HIM ALONE TO BE HEARD….

then, where we are at….is where HE WANTS TO BE.

Where am I at ?   ” Where He ordered my steps ”
North Webster, Indiana.   LOL
North Webster, Indiana…….

Should I buck that ?
Can’t….because I know,

If He truly is ordering my steps…..
my feet are here, He is here….and today…
I PRAY , in this wedding….those that are not seeking….

Are they less important than those in Africa ?
Are they more important than those in Africa ?
It is where I am at….He is in me and I am in Him…
and HE is here.    ( just thinking out loud )
( not saying to put your feet in cement….)

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Sometimes people are where they’re at because God called them somewhere else but they were afraid to go.

And sometimes God wants them to stay where they are at but they could force what they may think is His plan but could be selfish ambition, not saying that is what you are saying Marla , but I feel that when God ultimately moves is when we completely say God, my heart is only set on you…if you take me to Cambodia , Africa, Nashville or wherever…I do not care. If I keep saying I have to move to Nashville and God says no, will I then think that it God sold me short by keeping me here? It truly makes me wonder if God just wants us set on God and He will place us where He sees fit…yes it takes a step of faith, but it truly needs to be God moving and us not forcing. If we force our plan, will God bless it… Sometimes people would choose to get out of the battle of where And what God wants them to go through, to go where they know it would be easy to be successful …and then their heart is still not satisfied.

My new goal….to listen…to God, to my wife and to what The Lord wants me to share with others, if I do not do any of them…or one and not the others, I am selling my God short

Sometimes people are so fixed in their minds (plans) that they do not give God an opportunity to speak in their live.
God is very much interested in our willingness to obey him than any sacrifice we can offer to him out of our disobedience.It is to our advantage if we pray to God so that we are not ahead of him or left behind.Isa 28:16 says he who believes is not in haste.We pray that we will be sensitive to his promptings and guidance.Love you.

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