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Before you had children you lived from –
no kids, your own life, your own schedule life……..
Before a death of a parent you lived from –
having that call that would always come,
” a how did this go, or that concerned , life…..,
Before a trauma…disease diagnosed you lived from –
a more carefree life, free from life….
Before your spouse died you lived from –
a human connectedness, a horizontally filled life….

It is a new place to ” LIVE FROM “…
the conception of where your thots come from
the conception of where you emotions come from
the, where your joy, your peace, your contentment
comes from……

When God gives us a revelation so deep…..
That YOU PRAY…..this is a conception of where
my life will NOW COME FROM….and how it will
CHANGE MY LIFE !!  that is my desire !!

Eph. 2: 4
” But God,  ( I always love the BUT GOD …seriously
BUT GOD, who created the universe, is Sovereign, HOLY,
Righteous, all knowing,  that BUT GOD ?

Eph 2: 4
But God, who is rich in mercy for HIS GREAT LOVE
wherewith HE LOVED US.”

“but GOD , HE LOVED US ”
” but GOD, HE LOVES US ”  ( now today )

I have battled , battled all my life
with the spirit of offense, still do…..
What someone says, I can turn it to negative,
I think they surely mean some harm to me…..
No one could think genuine good thots for or to me……
No one could just “love me ”   ( serious battle of my mind )

A ” doer mentality….. you will love me if I can or will …blah blah ”
” if the hospital gets built then…..
you don’t feel ( emotion ) that people can genuinely love you..
so you can turn them into negative as well as self……etc.

But God has given me lately a hunger for GENUINE LOVE…
and I am like , ok…. you want me to stand in the corn field, where ?
** just being honest . ( not saying I am not love )
but HIM taking me TO THIS :
He gave me that hunger……
because He was going to give me a revelation.
To be freed from searching,  free from wanting,
Free from ” do you really love me, or from my concept..
if you truly did, you would ”   The SELF GRID.

Even to turn my shoulders, squint my eyes in searching for
from HUMANS….seriously !

To be content……………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh

” a waterfall, power of God over flowing, hitting the rock at the
bottom…..a waterfall moment w/ God ”

HE LOVING ME……is all the LOVE coming in….I NEED.
HE LOVING ME……is all the LOVE coming in….I NEED.

PERIOD.  ( that is where I can live from )

All , every day I need to concentrate on, is LOVING OUT….
Love all I can , to every person God gives me
Love all I can, in what ever way I can for the other person.

My cup is full, My heart is full,  from ” just ”  GOD
* kind of like the “but God….but JUST GOD…..

IS ENOUGH…full …overflowed…..

If I am in Africa alone – HE has me full of LOVE
If I am in S. Ohio alone –  HE has me full of LOVE
If your Mom and dad died…..HE has me full of LOVE
If your husband died –  HE has you full of LOVE
If your child died –  HE has you full of LOVE
If your husband left you after years of marriage ?
What ever the case, if you stand in a battle of
something so deep, you can’t climb out today….


   But God, who is rich in mercy for HIS GREAT LOVE
wherewith HE LOVED US.”

A true joy filled life is full…..without any more searching
OF FINDING HIM…sitting with HIM….walking with HIM…
and what , who, how ever HE wants to put some ICING on
the cupcake…through HUMANS…..is just that  ” ICING ”

God alone is our ” cupcake”
and Reesey hates cupcakes with icing.

HE LOVES US…God rich in HIS MERCY…..
God rich in HIS MERCY…….HE LOVES US.

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Thanks, needed to hear that. Still working on getting passed the shock of my friend’s death, and my sense of (false?) shame and guilt that I didn’t share Christ with her. But God…! 🙂

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