~~ Who are going live with ?


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The thot of ” who do you live with ? ”
Who is going to be in YOUR HOUSE ?
I am going to go stay with ______ and you are excited …
to be living with them, in their presence…..
Individuals that bless you, that know you, that love you…
sincerely !

Rev. 21:2
”  I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, ….
3.  “…..NOW the dwelling of GOD is WITH MAN, and HE

4.  “He will wipe away every tear….”
( thinking of now His design is people w/ the Holy
Spirit in us, wiping tears, caring…etc.  BUT THEN
it will be GOD in person ! )
” no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain ”
( because HE totally is there, no satan allowed )
4. ”  for the OLD ORDER of things …has passed away”

It is HIS ORDER  – – – – NOW , to be the way they are:
so I thot of this :
” sad but true ! ”  Mom did die, Dad did die
there is cancer, their is sickness….
The acceptance of God being in control….now.
The acceptance of GOD being in control of the life !
The acceptance of God being in control of the past !
The acceptance of God being in control of eternity !

vs6.  ” I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning
and the End ”
( capitalized in the Bible –  B- eginning
E-nd )

= the Gospel of Peace…..
To live today, with the HOLY SPIRIT as TODAY…..
Fully, with peace, with comfort…with JESUS !

Vs. 7 ” He who overcomes “…….
Has victory with Salvation…..
Believes , trust…lives in and with – TODAY…..

vs 7 ”  will inherit all this….and I will be HIS GOD
and he will be my son.”

vs. 22  ” I did NOT SEE a temple….in the city ,
because the LORD GOD ALMIGHT
and the LAMB are its temple.”

* if the presence of GOD is so encompassing in
THE HOLY CITY….is it not suppose to engulf
our church today ? Where God is….Himself
Where GOD is…. not
” where man goes, who goes there, who is this
or that…..but GOD HIMSELF ”

vs. 23 ” The city does not need the sun or moon to shine on it ”
( as great and amazing is our moon now….?)
vs. 23 ”  FOR THE GLORY OF GOD gives it light,
and the Lamb is its lamp”

The colors changing – amaze us
The eclipse – amaze us
We drive to Southern Ohio…to see…
We desire to be saved to LIVE WITH…..GOD
We desire to be saved to be the children of GOD
to desire GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD…
HIM ALONE    –  today  HIS ORDER for now
Him alone –  ETERNITY –  HIS PRESENCE alone !

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