Who do we follow ~ seriously ?


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I pray the answer is not your husband
I pray the answer is not your wife
I pray the answer is not your children

They are ours to LOVE….
but not to follow ~

Matt. 8:9
” As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew
sitting at the tax collector’s booth.  ” FOLLOW ME, ”  he told him,
and Matthew got up and followed him. ”

When Matthew did just that SINNERS sat with JESUS….
Lives were changed…..Matthew went where JESUS would
spiritually move.

Pharisees…..questioned where Matthew went…..
Matthew did not question it at all.

Then who got to experience the true ministry with JESUS CHRIST ?
Matthew….and the Tax Collectors

We jump when others say Jump…
We move, we go, we walk, we work…..for others how much of our lives ?

But how committed are we to JESUS ONLY ?
If you listend 3 people you follow the most….if they ask, you do.
if they say lets go…you go
If they say JUMP..you say how high ?

on the flip side…..how many people do you expect to “follow you ~ and why ?

There is no reason for people to follow us….alone, who are we in the flesh ?

But I pray,  they follow JESUS CHRIST in us….
and in that , they see HIM before us
they see HIM after us
and what a ride for US ?  smile….

” walking in the Spirit “…………..

Matthew was sitting and JESUS told him…” follow Me”
from a seated position….from where he was sitting…GET UP…
” follow ME ”

He knows what is going to happen spiritually when HE ASKS US :
He knows the spiritual movement, the spiritual impact…..
no human KNOWS THAT….none.
only JESUS…
only JESUS…
only JESUS….

Tell me oh God….Tell me JESUS…..” follow Me”
no one else is worth following….
better said …
no one else is worthy of being followed.                  no one.

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