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Talking to a tall stature man….
He sat in his wheelchair…
with only one of his legs.
I asked him his name….
He told me….

Then it lead to, ” do you know ________”
and it went on to, ” really ”

This man served our country…..
He fought in Vietnam….
I shared how our son and his family live
in Cambodia….
and recently GOD let me …
” see the rice fields and the mountains ”

As I rode in that bus in Cambodia and seen the land..
My mind went immediately to the individuals that
fought in Vietnam….
( it is what I had envisioned in my mind….
where that war would of taken place….
How rugged it was…
how lost you would feel….
fighting in this topography.

Then the man said, ” there was a time
that we wandered into Cambodia,
the battle was there ”
” and then they would call on the radio
and tell us to get back into Vietnam.

There is more horrific things :
” When we arrived back to the U.S., they flung mud at us.”
” Because I could not get an appointment, gang green (sp)
set in and I lost my leg.”
” I would give anything to stand up, anything…. but
I was recently diagnosed with cancer…I have lost
50lbs. and my prosthetic does not fit anymore.”
” I am confused what to do with the cancer and what the
V.A. will do with all that.”
” The Dr. told me it should of been diagnosed in 2010 ”
” I use to not think to talk to people in wheelchairs…
and now, if someone talks to me….or tells me

So, as..” our girls sang our National Anthem….
they turned their bodies to the flag,
not to the crowd….
people took their hats off…
placed their hands on their heart….

Our Bishop prayed about America….
and living here…. and I pondered
how God must have ministered to this mans heart…..

I didn’t get on a plane ….to Africa…..
I wasn’t in a church…..
I was in Lima, Ohio….in the square…

I bent down and asked him if I could pray with him….
I Had a piece of paper in my hand….
” If I gave you this piece of paper , you’d have to receive it….
Will you receive with the same power that
the healing GOD HAS FOR YOU….
Will you truly receive it ? ”

” He….said yes ”

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This broke my heart. But praise God for another soul in His kingdom. I am ashamed for the Americans that lived before me that derespected heroes that fought for their freedom. I will never understand it.

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