~ Who in your life………….


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Who in my life am I not showing genuine mercy to ?
In each of our lives ( if we are being honest ) …..
I bet there are those that :
    a.  we do show mercy
b.  we choose not to show mercy

My mind goes to strangers
My mind goes to Africa
My mind goes to certain friends
My mind goes to certain family members
My mind goes to the list of influences in our lives
My mind goes to neighbors

If you go up and down your list of friends and just family :
Who do I choose, I choose to show ” MERCY ”  to ?

They can do something and bam…it is in my
” file in my mind, my heart ”
Then others can do stuff over and over….
” it goes out the window as if they never did it ”

James 2: 1
” My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ,
don’t show favortism.”
8.  If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, ” LOVE
your neighbor as yourself, ”  you are doing right.
9.  But if you show favortism, you sin and are convicted by the law
as lawbreakers.

12.”  Speak and act as those who are going to be JUDGED
by the law that gives FREEDOM.”
13.  because judgement without mercy will be shown to anyone
who has not been MERCIFUL.  MERCY will triumph over

It is talking about the rich and the poor
Can it not be applied to those that we think of as
” rich in our standards”
” smart in our standards”
” thinks like us, acts the way we want them to”

if they don’t =  judgement from us….
Yep,  ” US ”  ~   not God…..
We ask God to scoot over on the throne…..
and if even in our MIND…… we judge !

Then we go about our merry way …and do ministry.
GUILTY as charged.
This a.m. –  I cleaned my sink.
This a.m. for the 33rd time…….
The blood of JESUS , please clean my heart from
the judgement that only YOU should even touch.

Ministry is to the rich and poor
Ministry is to every person in our family
Ministry is to every neighbor on our road
Ministry is to every friend in our sphere

True ministry is in our heart and mind …
Clean and to love each person intensely as they deserve.
As JESUS loves, so should we –  to all

Who is the person you judge ?
Who is the person I judge ?
That is where we start .

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