~ Who put the obstacle ? ~


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Reading Jeremiah….it is pretty BLACK and WHITE
it is harsh, it is TRUTH…it is GOD.

Dealing with people….their struggles….etc.
I call it ” going to the DOT ”
The actual ~ problem ….

NOT,  the reaction of the problem = your emotions, feelings
But the seed , the tiny seed…that is blooming and coming
out into your life….What is , ” THE DOT ” what starts the reaction ?

You itch, why ?
Ahhhh……you weeded and grabbed POISON IVY…..
The Dot ?   The actual weed of POISON IVY
The reaction ?  Itching

Marital problems, relationship problems, = reaction.
Jeremiah 6: 10 – and on


God asks :  ” who will listen to Me ? ”
” their ears are closed , so they can not hear ”
” the WORD OF THE LORD is offensive to them ”
” they find NO PLEASURE in it ”
” from the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain ”
” they are not ashamed of how they act ”
” they dress wounds of My people as though it is not serious”

Result :  vs. 15 =  They will fall with the fallen

” ask where the good way is
and walk in it
and you will find rest for your souls.”

He doesn’t just listen and let us go on with our actions…..
He says….your life is going down the tube…..?
He is turning both shoulders to us…..to our lives…..
looking deep into our eyes and giving us all HIS ATTENTION.

He speaks to our “DOT”  in this chapter ……

Then their response :  ” but you said, we will not listen ”

And so we go on the next day, the next week…..
and nothing changes…..we act the same way, we view spending
time in HIS WORD a struggle and not a TRUE BLESSING….
We are GREEDY….it is all about ME ~  MY thots ~ MY way or none
We think our own lives are more important than others
August 2013 ……………. Jeremiah 6

vs. 21  ” I ( GOD ) will put OBSTACLES before this people”
” I ( GOD ) will put OBSTACLES before this people”

Black and White….from God
Enjoy our relationship with God ?
Enjoy reading HIS WORD ?
Put HIM at the very front of our lives ?
Put others NEEDS before our OWN ?
We are greedy down to very small issues, greed is underlying in us ?
Our PRIDE is what we wear, instead of saying “I am sorry?”
We go to church, His Word, but don’t truly LISTEN ?

Obstacles = Course of Life ?
Obstacles = Course of not desiring, truly desiring JESUS CHRIST ?

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