…..Who YOU are is the ” door “…..


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The ” door ” satan comes through to attack you.
YOU….is the DOOR of ” WHO YOU ARE ”

It is how he attacked JESUS HIMSELF :

Mark 15: 17
” They put a purple robe on him –  why ?
They twisted together a crown of thorns –  why ?
” Hail , king of the Jews ! ”  – why ?
” struck Him on the head with a staff….
spit on Him.”
” Falling on their knees, they paid homage” – why ?
” then they lead Him out to crucify Him ”

Do you see each one, was EXACTLY in all the
TRUTH OF GOD, who HE IS,  who GOD created HIM
to be….and HOW HE WOULD FULFILL the will of GOD
on earth .

The area that satan is 2″ from your face
The area that satan is beating , mocking, literally
MOCKING …..saying over and over…
it says ” and again they “…..” and again “……

satan MOCKS to us, as he did to JESUS….
In the exact area that HIS FULLNESS IS IN US.

List the areas YOU know God has gifted YOU in
to expand HIS KINGDOM on earth…..
List the areas that satan is ” mocking ”  2 ‘” …..
and others can even be joining him……

We have to know, like JESUS what God has sent us to
What the mockings did to JESUS,  CONFIRM ,
CONFIRM who and why HE CAME…and HE was
” Led out to crucify Him “…..going on to the
empty tomb…..

Jesus knew in the MOCKINGS….
it did not make Him
it did not break HIM

The even wrote it out on a sign on top of the cross…
so others could ” see the mockings “….
it did not make HIM
it did not break HIM…..

I pray today, we , you and I know….
WE KNOW…..who God has made us….
WE KNOW…from God why HE put us on earth
WE KNOW…” we will be led out ”
The Manger can not deny the cross
The Cross can not deny the tomb

Who we are , is not who the MOCKINGS say we are.
in the name of JESUS CHRIST
in the blood HE shed to save us from this world…..

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