Why is it so HARD TO GET OVER……


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Do you ever get tired of “being in the negative ?”
Do you ever think it takes EXTRA long to “climb out” of …..
or a deep loss….devastates you ?

Just in reading, “ Chasing the Wild Goose “ ( Holy Spirit )
he unpacked the actual physical reason ~

In a study people were given coins to bet…
Then their brain was recorded on losses and wins…

Upon losing there was a LARGER DIP in the “medial frontal”
of their brain…after a loss…
Then.. “the dip”… of the same magnitude / of a WIN…
upon another LOSS – it kept adding and getting lower and lower
Each loss compounded upon the previous loss

LOSSES LOOM …greater than gains !

When have you lost someone….
When have you been abused emotionally, physically, mentally…
and you just can’t seem to get over it ?
Because the, “loss upon loss”, takes us deeper and deeper
and we ENTER IN….” the cage of FEAR “
we ENTER IN…. “ the cage of self prevention of
ever feeling that again “
We then live our lives from that LOWEST DIP….

This is our bodies, our actual FLESH RESULTS of LOSS…

The flesh vs. The Spirit is real….

Galatians 5: 16
“ So I say, LIVE BY THE SPIRIT, and you will not
gratify the desires of the sinful nature (flesh ) .
17. For the sinful nature desires what is CONTRARY
TO THE SPIRIT, and the SPIRIT CONTRARY to the sinful
you do not do what you want. “

You WANT to live beyond the negative situation
you have encountered in your OWN LIFE !
But you can not get out of it
But you can not climb out of ..” THE DIP”

The make up of even our natural body…
its reaction to loss,
wants to keep us paralyzed,in a weak state.

The literal make up of our SPIRIT…is to
walk in the power of Spirit and to go after
the things of GOD, to be in Him ~
through the loss of the trial…..”
Walk on
Walk through the loss
Decide to not be controlled today
from what happened miles ago in your life.
That deep dip ?
Is not reality in the Spirit.

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