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” Why  – The – Hospital – Needs – to – be – finished?”

Last week –  Gladys Lukalecia –  DIED.

She is an older neighbor lady of Benson and Dorcas’
They stopped in to talk with the family….
and they said,
”  we did not have the money to take her to the Dr. ”
Benson, ” if you would of told us,
we could of helped we are your neighbors
This is reality…in this rural part of Kenya.
This is reality….that maybe a life could of been saved.
Did she know JESUS CHRIST ?

It is the drive behind ……the stone empty structure
that is on our land, waiting.
nothing is BEFORE HIS TIME.
I KNOW, we are blessed to  have THE HOSPITAL.

I only ask for deep prayer…. that in HIS TIME….
God will open the floodgates….
“He ( and it was and is HIM ) who started a good
work in you will complete it unto the day of JESUS CHRIST”

I could not even count how many ” Gladys Lukalecia’s ”
There are on the dirt paths…
In the Mud Huts…..
Sitting by themselves….. in the name of JESUS.

Tonite it is quiet…..
No drums,  No loud music all nite….
For Gladys Lukalecia was buried today.


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Wow. How sad. Yet, as you say, all in His time. He is sovereign, even though most times we don’t understand. I’m continuing to pray for you. Love you.

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