Will we carry the baby ?


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The “life”  of Christ…….
The actual “life” of Christ…….
How God moved and still moves on earth to me is amazing :

Matt. 1 :18
” , but BEFORE they came together, she was found to
be with child through the Holy Spirit.”

** How many things that the Lord does for His Kingdom is
~ not done the normal way the world would do it
~ not done the way that we would think it should be done
~ done in a way that might put us “out there”
for harm, ridicule, etc. …in the flesh……
~will take more listening to HIM…to know
~will put a strain on our human relationships
~FAITH is the only shoes we can walk in
~we have to “give up” on our own personal lives
~the concept is put in us of His Kingdom desire…..way before
” the baby comes……”
~our natural “cycle”  stops,
for we know what has been birthed in us.

vs. 20
” was conceived in her from the HOLY SPIRIT ”
~  how can you explain …”from the HOLY SPIRIT ”
~  “the sheep will hear MY VOICE and KNOW ME
~ and that is all you have to go on, the PURITY of the SPIRIT in you.

vs. 21
” ….the name JESUS, because He will save His people from their
~  the only reason of HIS conception
~ the only reason what HE is doing in us…. (PERIOD)
** are we living in all we do for that goal, reason, meaning……
souls to be SAVED ?

vs. 22
” All this took place to FULFILL what the LORD ~had ~ said…”
~  there will be a “fulfillment”
~ we have to be willing to ” carry the baby”
~ a true mother….denies herself…..and does what is BEST for the baby.

Mary was amazing, Joseph was amazing…..to be so so so willing…
vs. 24
“When Joseph woke up, HE DID……

* this is the reason we instill –
no questions asked obedience in our children.  ( seriously )
* why do you think children today question authority so much ?
could it be the end times and satan knows, if they question
authority…..they will question GOD also ?

They can hesitate on teachers authority
They can hesitate and question parents authority
They think they have the “right”…..
What if Mary and Joseph had this character in them….

** is today any different, will GOD HIMSELF ask our
Kids/ Grandkids to “DO SOMETHING”
for the LORD, Spiritual….that will lead unto SALVATIONS ?

So that when God HIMSELF, asks us ……
” with no questions ask…do we obey ?”
How many of us likes to be commanded from the ones we love ?
How do we respond ?
How does our children respond ?

He may some day in us, in our children…..
” give them a command, even from a voice of an angel….
someone they have never heard from……
What He will ask, may be it will be, for someone’s salvation……

Can WE be commanded…
Will we carry the baby ?
Will we do it for the lost and deny what ever is going on in our lives ?
To see it fulfilled……

It is the process God used…..then….
I believe He still uses it…..
are we “training our children”
are we “trained ”  ?

Will we carry the baby…. ( not JESUS ) smile…
but the baby of what ever God is birthing inside of us….

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