~~ Women’s Meeting :


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As we started up the women’s meeting…..
Kids running everywhere….throwing rocks on the metal
sides of the church, nursing mom’s…TIRED MOM’s…
That probably walked 2 – 4 miles….
Some traveled from the Mount Elgon area….
Namwechula area….blah blah blah area….smile….
I thot,  deep breath God….can we ” go get this ? ”
In myself…..it is getting hard…. but in HIM ?

And guess who showed up  2nd session ?
Dorcas lead them in Praise and Worship and the
” The Marriage Covenant ”
( their husbands wanted them to hear ) smile !

Here they are….ladies who walked miles… will
sleep on a 2 ” piece of foam for 2 days, on the Hospital
Floor – one light bulb, outside toilets – maybe one
Blanket and it is NOT WARM at nite !
3- 5 more came late, didn’t get their names yet:

Nepha Mahatie –  Church = Namwechula
Lilan Ekwam –  Mile Nane’
Dorcas Oley – Laose ?
Pamela Olowesa – Matisi
Melisant Simiyu – Matisi
Gladys Miner – Matisi
Fianace Oweal – Liyavo
Sharon Nanjala – Liyavo
Beatrice – Liyavo
Eileen Nalecka – Liyavo
Stella Simiyu – Liyavo
Christian Engoya – Liyavo
Joyce Nasaba – Namwechula
Gladys Nanyama – Namwechula
Jacquline Nafula – Namwechula
Sharon Shebet – Namwechula
Mary John – Namwechula
Lylian Simiyu – Liyavo
Ann Maseemba – Wey……?
Mecella Miliaka – Namwechula
Salome’ Puritan – Chol…..?
Ester Nakesa – Malembe’
Emily Barassa – Melembe’
Rial Martin – Melembe’
Dina Ronald –  Melembe’
Katherine Naviolet – Liyavo
( the ones …… )

I wish you could hear them worship – He does.
I wish you could hear their laughter – He does.
I wish you could HEAR THEM PRAY – HE DOES
I wish you could see their tired faces to get here…..
He does.

Thank YOU for praying…
Thanx, Chris Conrad for taking Rock  – FOOD !
( my sister in law !!!!!) smile.

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Wow. Having just spent time with my youngest brother and SIL and their 7 week old who she nurses, I have seen tired first hand from sleep deprivation, but not from walking to get somewhere. I love the beautiful truth that while I cannot and need not hear them pray there in Africa, He does. And their prayers are just as important to Him as Billy Graham’s. (Or you pick the person, I think you know what I mean. The parable of the widows mite comes to mind…) would that I want Jesus that badly, and not take Him for granted!

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