Women’s Weekend @ Shawnee Alliance


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Tonight I am putting together my ~ ” UnReined  Ministries – Africa ” table for the Women’s Weekend Retreat.  I am telling you this walk with GOD is incredible.  Why, because it is literally NOT ME. I HAVE NO CLUE..what I am doing.  But He tells me to: write this under a picture…oh yeah, don’t forget to get a cash box for change….how about calling Tug and getting 8 x 10’s made. 
Did I say I was praying for my ministry cards Gabe just designed…and someone knocked on the door ?  U.P.S.  – yep…”delivered – on time”
      And so goes the journey…” Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.”   If I think that verse one time a day, I think it five times a day.
      Rock is going to Bristol with Gabe until late Sunday night…and so he took today off.  We packed the car, that the transmission went out the day I headed to Detroit to leave for Africa…3 months without a car…. and it still is not right.  So, Gabe has to drive his car.  But, again…GOD knows.
      Went to the cabin…..just beautiful to sit on the swing….look at the RIVER.
      Rock stopped in Bellefontaine…..@ Dunham Sports….only to call…” Janelle, they have Kayaks on sale….”  ( been lookin’) …..had some put back just for a kayak…. yep…you got it… BIG SALE… 
       Manager – “if you come back this Sunday they will go down another 60.00….”  ( I can get Rock one too !)  and they are orange. ( go browns)
 Rock’s first thot !
       Come home….finish up getting Africa stuff ready…and feel…. GOD truly knows the desires of our hearts…for ministry….
                                                                    for our family…..
                                                                    for a Kayak…….
Who would want to live life without…JESUS CHRIST ?
    Can’t wait to hear Kelly Minter @ the retreat….what next GOD ? smile ?

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