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Today seems like just a sit still or walk around…. and wonder day.
     Wondering about different relationships I have with people….
         what are they truly…..what is real, what is not………
     Wondering and shaking my head on how to follow Jesus close enough…
         without letting Janelle screw things up.
     Wondering how to do things and for others to truly know my heart….
          for Africa…that it is nothing for self…. really !
          How could it be…….but that is between God and I.
      Wondering about the summer, the tasks, the time, and how it will all
         play out.
        Wondering about my grandchildren and how GOD is being so gracious
           and how they will love him and how their lives will be.
         Wondering about a week from now, my 84 yr. old Aunt will be on top
           of a mountain and again, to communicate is through mail only.
         Relying, that God will keep the lies away from me that are trying to
 speak louder than they should.
         Relying on GOD to know my heart, my weakness’ and will  make up the
 other 99% of my desire to be HOLY.
         Relying on GOD to be GOD all through my children and grandchildrens’
lives….and HE will guide them, shelter them and love them eternally.
     This walk of life…..we think we are over things then somehow….they come back in….satan is such, such a whisperer of the past.  The blood of JESUS is such an overpowerer in the present.  Saturate my life today with YOUR BLOOD !

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