Worship Seminar @ Benson and Dorcas’ House……


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When we built the house for Benson and Dorcas….
“It is so big” …..this is one of the reasons…..
A Living Room filled with ones who desire to worship JESUS CHRIST !

Deb Kellermeyer as Benson said, ” she gets lost in all she does ” smile…

Quotes from the team:

Justice ~ Praise and worship is not just our emotions and go a head and praise.
Brian ~ Praise see his true nature and you will know Him.
Praise Him is truth and spirit.
Dorcas ~ The dead can not praise God…that is why we have breath
Karanga ~ don’t feel great ?   If you then don’t express God then we are dead
Lilian ~ When I am struggling with life, will not stop Him.
Andrew ~ Don’t worship God under emotions.
WE have been give the mind of Christ not through emotions.


George ~ praise has to be heard, sometimes we want to be quiet
Linda ~ When you worhsip you don’t show  people how to worship
Lydia ~ Praise can’t be hidden if we don’t praise when He tells us it is disobedience.
Karanga ~ Every song is anointed whether we like that song – the passion we show
will show people how much we love God.
Brian ~  Praising is not entertaining, it is bringing the presence of the Lord and
we are singing with passion.

The love, love, love the LORD….
Thank YOU for each prayer………

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