Would you ?


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This man in God’s Word….
Had someone come to his house
He was out of “bread” to feed his guest..
It was late at nite…
He went to a friends house…
He did not ask for ONE LOAF but THREE…

The friend’s response ?

1. Don’t bother me
2. The door is already locked
3. my children are already in bed with me
4. I can’t get up and give you ANYTHING.

vs. 8 Luke 11

“ I tell you, though he will not get up
and give him the bread because he is his friend
YET because of THE MANS BOLDNESS he will get up
and give him as much as HE NEEDS.”

* What do you need to go “ BOLDLY “ to the
throne of grace for ?
* what in your darkness of nite, do you have need for ?
* ask in FAITH, knock on God’s door…

The door may SEEM already locked…
The “excuses” in the flesh may seem literal

but because of HIS BOLDNESS……

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