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Made 2 huge cookers of lasagna…
For Rocks’ ~  HONDA FAMILY……….
There was a heaviness in our house this a.m.
There is a heaviness in our hearts……

24 yrs. of working beside many individuals that
became ” Rocks’ Brothers and Sisters” @ work.
Getting to know the ins and outs of their families…
Listening to their life stories unfold ….
the fun ones, the intense ones, the hurting ones….
the joys, the highs and the lows.

It goes so far back that Rock found Livi’s birth
announcement in his locker when he cleaned it out.

It is a very odd feeling for this chapter to close…
Today starts the 3 day process of saying ” goodbye”

We are so grateful to each one that has worked
beside Rock….has helped on a furnace, a process,
a machine.  The ones that has had his back, the ones
that have asked when we have hurt.  The ones
that cause us to laugh as we sit each nite ’til about
1:30 a.m. .  Many times,  ” did you talk to Scott and Deb,
what did D.J. say today, how is Elton…Joey, Ruthie, Pat…
Shawn, ( smile ), there are MANY –  MANY – MORE…
they are individual lives that have
worked together…a long time !

You have touched our lives…..
As you drive back and forth to work….
Work in the heat, the isles , the forklifts, the breaks,
the heat shields, lock out your machines,
do your P.M.’s  and wait at the clock to punch out….

Know Rock is grateful to the Lord…
for each one of YOU !

John 15: 13
” Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Thank YOU , JESUS !


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That’s a long time of being together as a work family, I can’t imagine. I know your next chapter will be even better, because The Lord doesn’t ever seem to take or let one thing fall away without replacing it with something better…only the best for his children! Hugs!

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