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Right now…there are 15 Spiritual LEADERS …
sitting in Benson and Dorcas’ living room…..
The call of GOD….listening to the HOLY
SPIRIT who will only tell them the things,
the TRUTHS that God is saying to them.

“no matter how many promises there are…

Here is one Pastors TESTIMONY
Michael Tarouse (Ta ROOSE )
Koroshow’det ( Kor row shoun ‘ det) Church.
Tall young man of about 39 or so….

” His tribe was ones killing people in the Mt. Elgon
2007-2008. August to May…When there were clashes
(fightings/ war ) Everyone was suppose to join the
malitia in their tribe. If not they would be executed.
I refused to be part of the killing. Those reported
me to the mailitia. They tied my wrists and took me from
my home. Told me to say my last goodbyes.
They took me to the edge of the forest. You could
be executed or legs amputated. When they were going
guns rocked the hair from the other side. A fierce
gunfire. Maybe the police had pursued them.
So they left me and they disappeared into the
forest. They left me in the middle of the road.
That is how my life was saved.
I have now been a Pastor for more than 10 years.

Tarouse ~ ” YES + AMEN ”
” YES + AMEN ”

Christ Alone,
Thanx for praying !

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wow! I can’t even imagine…what a testimony!

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