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Mark 9: 23
”  If You can ?”
Mark 9: 23
” If  You can ?”

The father wanted his boy healed…..and asked Jesus….
” But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”

What right now in your life,  are you asking God to divinely heal ?
What right now in your life, can only God change ?

In our minds….we say we know He can do it.
In our walk…..are we walking anticipating:

The Great and Mighty God…
to do ….what only He can do  =
” Great and Mighty Things ….”

The ” thank you note has already been
put in the mailbox… God.

Mark 9 : 23 b
” Everything is possible for him who believes”

Everything is your something .
Everything is your _______________________________ & __________________.
Everything is POSSIBLE….!

If you were asking me,  it would be a ” maybe I can”
If you were asking even your Pastor,  it would be a ” maybe I can”…
but it is GOD.

Think of something you have never done before and then you did it.
Your concept changes…..” Wow, I can do that… is in me, to do that !”
Think of God, in HIS WORD, how many times did HE do the impossible ?

Over and Over and Over……it is how HE walked on earth….
from one impossible to the next impossible…

You have seen it in your life…..
go back to the last impossible
the back to the impossible before that….

now to the one you are facing right now….
” impossible ?”

God….God…God….Great and MIGHTY GOD….
= possible.

You only live , what you believe……
Walk tomorrow in that …
Let God see from the inside out….you truly believe….
His will, His might, His power, His presence ….in your something.

Our something is to build a hospital this year in Kenya…
Benson has already built  7,000  bricks in faith.
7,000….. our something =  Great and Mighty God…belief.

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Just got a bill yesterday that about knocked the wind out of me. Believing God to swoop in and take care of it.

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