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I wrote about 3 Chapt. for a book a couple of years ago…
 Titled this :  “What Is Your Ultimate Goal ?”
    I have alot inside me that truly wants to get out….
    But, if you read my blogs….you know…my english is kind of  ” woodsy too” , smile
   I am NOT the writer in this family  ( via Marla ) ! smile

But this is a burden deep with in me still….
 ” What is your ultimate goal in parenting ”   

To raise a child who loves JESUS CHRIST….so that he/she will be
a person whose sole desire is  to truly seek and save the LOST, through JESUS CHRIST?

    I read this, this a.m. and it stirred this in me again, ” OK GOD, do you want me to write
what has been on my heart for the last 3 weeks ?  OK, I will….
Prov. 27: 24
   “for riches do not endure forever,
    and a crown is not secure for all generations”

What will be secure from your generation down through your children…
I meet, talk with , counsel teens…. 
   A question I might ask them is :  ” Where is your Bible?”

Not being legalistic, but it is a good gauge to where their personal life is with
the LORD daily,  Their own life with JESUS……
 I get different answers….they start to think,  where did I have it last,  where was I when I had it…

If you asked a basketball player, ” where is your basketball…..bam, he would tell you”
“Where is your school notebook…..bam, she would tell you”
“Where is the last book you are reading…bam , they would tell you”
“Where is your Ipod, or whatever…. on my dresser by my bed, I listen to it ever night”

It was in my face,the one that said, ” It is in a box out in the garage”
   A solid, JESUS SEEKING home…………
I’ve asked teens,  “why do we pray in JESUS’ Name”….
    they have prayed for years…..

This has so burdened me… truly are you, are we CHRISTIAN PARENTS…
” What is your ultimate goal in parenting”

To teach classes for other children……
Then my kids will see that I LOVE THE LORD
    ( I was guilty of this one )
I will be involved with these ministries, this outreach…
And hope OUR KIDS…get the crumbs off of my spirituality ?

This mistake does not let them taste firsthand the MEAT
The joy, the passion, the desire, the WORD for themselves….
    ” here walk with me and watch me, your parent work so hard for the LORD”
    ” they see it, but how are they ” eating, being nurished for themselves ?”

What renews a child’ s mind ?    THE WORD OF GOD….
They are in the world how many hours a day ?
      What has been put in their minds and heart ?
They have to have a bath to wash off the dirt of this world….
     We make sure of that….brush the teeth,  eat this or that….

Make sure they have the latest, read this…. see that…..
    But seriously….the old ” show me your check book, show me your day planner”
   I will show you , your heart for the LORD…
Is it any different with our kids ?
   If we took their day planner…..
   Sat and talked with them,
   ” How do you see JESUS in your home….When do you hear of JESUS in your home”
   ” What is God saying to you right now, guiding you _________ @ the age of what is too young ?”
   ” Listen to how smart their minds are – THEY GET IT ! ”
  ” todays  Jr. High was yesterdays High School ” –  THEY GET IT EARLY…..

Why not JESUS as strong as they are being taught math, english ?

We are a Christian Family…..
I can not tell you how many ” Christian Kids”  I have worked with

but when this teen told me….” It is in a box in the garage”
I knew how long it had been there…..
It can be on their bedstand, and they have not read it any longer
than if it has been in the garage….

“What is our Ultimate goal….seriously, what is it really”
” Keep Christ in Christmas ?  Keep Him in EVERY DAY…
READ HIS WORD,  brush your teeth,  Pray, take a bath, worship,
listen to your ipod, do your homework  , have your devotions…
talk about what they have done in school spiritually more than academically…

Train – to be an olympic athelete…  determined
Train – them to be a person with a heart after GOD ?

There is no spiritual microwave……
WE get called to talk to teens……..can you help them…..

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